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Our mission is to build self-sustainable communities that work towards the shared goal of healthier living. At OJ’s, we're a local restaurant that sources healthy real ingredients that are grown in Jordan, then prepared in the local community, then served fresh daily with a smile.


We’re providing a 3 month training program for students with the ultimate goal of helping you learn the basics of how to operate a retail business.

As a trainee, you’ll learn:

∙ The basics of providing an excellent customer experience

∙ How to handle complaints & customer issues in a fast-paced environment

∙ The basics of inventory handling in a restaurant

∙ How to operate a point of sale & loyalty system with thousands of existing members

∙ How a restaurant operates, and help the local community in the process.

∙ How to be a part of a socially responsible brand that's helping the local community.

∙ How to run events and interact with potential customers.

Trainee duties + structure:

∙ Month 1 of the training program will start by introducing you to our service line. You'll make salads for customers (dine-in and delivery) and work with them step by step to introduce the brand and provide an excellent customer experience. You'll also be trained on the point of sale and loyalty systems. You'll also be responsible for cleanliness and re-stocking materials according to certain guidelines.

∙ Month 2 will introduce additional duties to your service line duties, you'll attend events at fitness centers where your goal as an OJ's team member will be to sample salads, bowls, and introduce customers to our loyalty program at outdoor events.

∙ During Month 3, you'll be performing events, working on the service line preparing orders, operating the point of sale, and run through a training of how we source our produce from the local community. You'll interact with our vendors, and learn how to perform inventory orders from local vendors. You'll also learn CSR concepts related to how you can make a difference in the local community.

And you’ll get paid.


∙ 25H-30H a week. Flexible hours (morning, mid-day, evening).

∙ You should be self-driven, self-motivated, and a quick learner.

∙ You should be able to plan your time two weeks in the future and commit to certain shifts.

∙ A background in business or marketing is a plus.

Come train with us.

Thanks for submitting! Someone from our team will call you soon

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