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Become a part of Jordan's #1 healthy lifestyle brand

We're looking for passionate partners who share the OJ's mission to make healthy eating widely available across the Middle East, with salads that are served quickly with the highest quality of service.



Our team has worked extremely hard to create a system that can be replicated in spaces as small as 8 m², we've also addressed all parts of generating excitement, branding, marketing, site selection, continuous training, and reliable systems for online ordering, customer loyalty, and inventory management. Your primary role will be to ensure the customer gets the best experience possible.




Size of fast caual market worldwide.

GCC Food & Beverage industry.

The population of 15-29 year olds in the Middle East.

Ideal Franchisee Partners

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Gym Operators

As the premium healthy brand in Jordan, OJ's has a loyal following made up of gym goers, CrossFitters, Yoginis, and athletes. 

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Retail Stores

We've successfully deployed our salad line in retail environments, if you're a retailer looking to add value to your customers, we have you covered.

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Experienced Operators

If you've successfully run a restaurant or franchise and would like to be a part of the healthy movement, please contact us below.


A simple fee structure that helps you focus on operating with the best customer experience out there.

10,000 - 20,000JOD

Franchising fees depending on country which covers training, site selection, and ongoing support.

12.5% sales

OJ's Franchisees pay 12.5% weekly (gross sales minus sales tax). 8% goes towards franchising fees, and 4.5% towards advertising.


Who will build my store?

The franchisee is expected to hire a contractor to handle the build out of the store - what we'll provide are exact specifications and detailed blueprints of the store, signage, and customer flow.

How much are the franchising fees?

They depend on the country you're in, but they range from 10,000 JOD to 20,000 JOD. Franchisees also pay 12.5% of sales (gross sales minus sales tax). 8% goes towards franchising fees, and 4.5% towards marketing & advertising.

How much does it cost to open an OJ's?

It depends on the size of the store, OJ's can be opened in spaces as small as 8 m². Contact us with the city and space, and we can provide an estimate for the total investment required to open your own OJ's.

How does the training & support work?

We'll provide hands-on support as it relates to location selection, setup, staff training, and initial training for all franchisees. We'll also provide you access to our online portal that contains training articles, videos, & resources.

I own a gym or retail store with a healthy audience and would like to open an OJ's. Is OJ's interested in my location?

The first step would be to complete the form below, Submit a Location. Once that's complete, we'll evaluate your location and determine if it's a good fit using a variety of factors.

What existing OJ's locations are there? 

We currently operate two locations that are both located in Amman, Jordan. If you're interested in starting your own OJ's in other Arab or non-Arab states, please fill out the form below.

Where do I order my prepared ingredients from?

Once your store is online, we'll send you everything you need to start serving customers. Your ingredient order will be placed using our inventor system, and then delivered directly to you. 

How long does it take to open a store?

This depends on how fast you're able to build out the store and hire staff to operate it. 

How long is the franchise agreement? Am I able to renew it?

The franchise agreement is for 5 years, and renewable for 5 years afterwards. 

What are the marketing & advertising fees used for?

We use the 4.5% weekly fees for the creation, production and placement of advertising, online promotions, public relations, market research, brand recognition, and in-house staff coordinating these efforts.

What does the franchising system include?

The franchising system includes the following:

  • Facility planning and architectural design for your location

  • Specifications for equipment & fixtures

  • Site selection advice

  • Workflow design for salad bar and kitchen

  • Point of sale, inventory, and loyalty systems with an existing database that includes thousands of customers

  • Ongoing support from our operational team

  • Use of our brand which has thousands of loyal followers with continuous marketing 

  • Access to our supply chain and the ability to order ingredients automatically with our systems

  • Operating manuals and continuous training to make sure your team is following the right procedures.

How does it work if I want an OJ's to open in my gym, building, or retail store?

First start by contacting us using the "Submit a Location" form below with details of your location. The real-estate operator typically takes on the cost of opening the store, and we operate the store and provide you with a percentage of sales (in the range of 7%-15%. This depends on the location and is quoted on a case-by-case basis.


You can be up and running in as little as 3-6 months. Just fill out the application form below, and one of our business development team members will contact you.

Thank you for your submission. One of our team members will contact you soon.


Own a real estate property or a gym that you feel would be suitable for an OJ's location? Submit the form below and one of our business development team will reach out to you.

Thanks! One of our team members will reach out to you soon.

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